For a better bandfest experience, you will be given the chance to choose which songs our guest band will play.

We are inviting everyone to vote for their favorite URBANDUB song! The songs to be performed by the band will be picked from those with the highest number of votes.

The mechanics are simple. All you have to do is leave a message on our ask and we’ll take note of your vote, but we won’t post the messages so that we can still keep the element of surprise. ;)

Click here for the list of songs.

Vote now and watch out for Urbandub’s performance on February 3 to find out whether your preference has been picked or not! ♥

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Posted 2 years ago


For questions, comments, suggestions, sponsor donations, ticket purchases, etc, you may… 

1. Post them on our facebook event page. 
Don’t forget to click attending as well!

2. Follow us on twitter!

3. Keep on checking this blog for more updates and announcements. Simply leave a message on our ask and we’ll entertain your questions as much as we can!

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